March 30, 2015

Uncovered and Reclaimed

It all started innocently enough. George showed our client photos of his favorite contemporary staircase. Then Jessica (the architect) suggested the treads be “heavy” … a few weeks later added that it might be nice to “consider” concrete. John and Carrie (the clients) mentioned that a reclaimed tread would be awesome. John started talking about LED lighting, which caused George to get a lump in his throat and a mist in his eyes … and that’s how you end up with a truly custom staircase at Rittenhouse Builders.

Create a sample concrete stringer. Or two!

Decide on concrete stain color.

Build stringer forms.

Pour concrete.

Let concrete cure.

Look for treads while concrete cures.

Clean up treads.

Cut treads.

Back to the stairs to remove forms, install steel plate and wire for tread underlighting.

Carve for placement.

Install underlighting.

Check to make sure everything is in place and ready for installation.

Stain treads.

Install treads.

Install landing.

Tread install complete!

Turn on the lights!

Admire from above…

Cable railing installation

Don’t forget to check out the back lights.

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