Who We Are

We are highly skilled craftsmen who value quality and attention to detail as the foundational principles of our business. But, our true core is communication. It’s what defines us. Communication is the structure that provides strength to our relationships.

Since we began in 1995, we’ve understood we are more than builders. We are partners with people who put a part of their future in our hands. The details, angles and sight lines create the space where lives are shaped and the future is created. We want to see that vision through your eyes before we begin to build. Good communication makes a measurable difference.

No two projects are ever alike and projects don’t always unfold as planned. Sometimes changes become obvious as the build takes shape. We’re sensitive to these issues and believe they are the reasons to stay connected throughout the process. We’ll talk in person or use the latest technology to look at the specifics together. We are schedule driven, because you are schedule driven. The sooner we are finished, the sooner your future begins.

The Rittenhouse Team

is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and varied skills. Yet the common Rittenhouse DNA shared by all is our singular focus on craftsmanship and excellence. As a company we accept nothing less, and as individuals our team is never satisfied with anything less.

George Metzler

founding partner

When George founded Rittenhouse Builders he embraced the notion that construction was more than lumber and nails and tools. The building elements would generate more than walls and roofs; they would build a family’s dreams, the spaces where they would live and laugh and cook and entertain and carry on with their lives every day.

The seriousness of that responsibility required a rock-solid commitment to putting forth the absolute maximum effort and painstaking attention to every detail, all day, every day. George’s avocation is competitive long distance bicycling. He likens the discipline and focus required for that sport to the combination of short- and long-term perspectives needed to successfully shepherd a project from beginning to end.

George grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His parents worked hard on the farm, George learned early on what hard work meant, and that it took a team to make the farm work. George currently lives in Lancaster County with his wife and three children.

Laura Ressler

vice president

Offering advice and organization, Laura is directly connected to the success of each project.

She controls the flow of information from our customers to our suppliers and construction teams. Since 2005, she has learned every facet of the business, has kept the books, helped clients make selections, created estimates and written contracts. Her experience has grown to include crafting our internal processes and systems to make building with Rittenhouse easy. From detailed pre-construction checklists that guide clients to make choices in a methodical, worry-free way, to overseeing deliveries of those products to the job at exactly the right time, she equips our field staff with the correct materials and documents to get each job done with efficiency.


Bonnie Bruner

selections coordinator

When you work with Rittenhouse Builders, one of the first voices you’ll come to recognize and trust is Bonnie’s. Responsive and knowledgeable, she has endless energy and unwavering enthusiasm for your project. She’ll help you along the path of organizing the initial ideas and understanding the architectural plans, to budgeting for the finished project. Through it all she will encourage and reassure you while sharing the emotion of getting you exactly what you’re expecting. In the end, she’ll celebrate and enjoy the finished job as much as you will.

Matt Ressler

Production Manager

Matt Ressler grew up working alongside his father on carpentry projects for key clients and jobs at their own home. Following school, he gained more hands-on contracting experience before joining the Rittenhouse team as manager of the framing crew. In 2005, he left to establish a framing company of his own and for the next 13 years worked as a critical resource for many of Rittenhouse Builder’s most important projects. In 2019, Matt rejoined Rittenhouse Builders as a Project Manager. His leadership skills and management style quickly expanded his responsibilities, and he now oversees all production. Off hours, he can be difficult to find, spending his free time in nature, hunting, fishing, or competing in 24-hour endurance races.


Gary Mohler

Project Manager

Gary specializes in historic renovation and approaches each project with a plan, while making room for the unforeseen challenges of matching old and new construction. His experience allows him to address each surprise calmly, with practical options. He excels at woodwork and finish trim work and especially enjoys the variety and problem solving required for historic homes.

Jeff Landis

Project Manager

Jeff began working in the high-end construction industry over 30 years ago. From that experience, he has a deep knowledge of all construction trades and multiple options for problem solving. He manages each job with ease. Jeff joined the Rittenhouse team as a job supervisor, which adds to his 17 years of experience managing and supervising highly complex projects. Our clients have appreciated his craftsmanship as he brings their vision to life and does it with joy along the way.

Stephen Jacobus

Project Manager

With a career that began as a boy assisting his father on jobs in South Philly, Stephen brings knowledge and a natural admiration for all types of construction to our team. That early curiosity led him to run his own general contracting business, as well as serve in roles for another contractor. He has been Project Supervisor, Estimator and Director of Operations. Through each experience, he has developed an eye for possibilities, preserving the history of older homes while complying with today’s specs and building codes. A natural problem solver, he knows to expect something hidden or unforeseen. He enjoys helping clients see potential, supplying options during the process. Away from work, you’ll find him outdoors doing something active with his family, enjoying the wilderness, camping, fishing, boating, hiking or target shooting.

Dave Witwer


Estimating each of the jobs completed by Rittenhouse Builders, Dave knows how to create efficiencies with your dollars. Accounting for every stage of the process, and a shrewd awareness of what each phase will take in time and materials, his precision, experience and confidence in addressing the costs keep each project in check financially.

Bob Heine


Bob is our design lead for evaluating projects, whether it’s creating sketches or schematic drawings to help you visualize the construction or providing the documents and drawings for permitting. A graduate of Penn State, with a Bachelors of Architecture, Bob applies his curiosity and problem-solving skills to thorny design and structural challenges. When he isn’t hard at work, he pursues a wide range of interests including Archery, Taxidermy, Home Improvement and RC Flight.

Danielle Noel

Head of Finance and Administration

Danielle’s 15 years of leadership experience in finance & administration bring proficiency and balance to each job. Understanding where your project stands financially can keep you steady throughout a long process. Danielle is dedicated to capturing, maintaining, and reporting the financial details of your project. This knowledge can guide you to making educated decisions about getting some of the extras you’re hoping for. As Head of Finance and Administration, she is responsible for accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and human resources. She resides in Chester County with her husband and two children.

Sarah Chandler

Head of Permits & Receiving

Sarah, our Head of Permits & Receiving, seamlessly navigates the complexities of the permitting process ensuring timely approvals and adherence to regulatory requirements. Sarah is also responsible for managing the receiving department, inspecting received materials to uphold our exacting standards. At the close of each project, Sarah provides comprehensive product manuals to our clients, ensuring they understand the features and care of their selected finishes. Beyond her primary responsibilities, Sarah’s friendly demeanor and willingness to assist make her a valuable resource for the entire team. When not ensuring the smooth operation of our permits and receiving department, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and dog in their Chester County home.


Rittenhouse Builders has been a member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art since 2016. We have been recognized for outstanding Design and Service since 2013. 

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