It’s hard to Measure

the Value of a Life Well Lived

We understand we’re more
than builders

We provide a framework for living. An environment for growing. A space where lives unfold. We’re partners in a future waiting to be created. Waiting for the story to be written and built.

We like to say we are measured and true. “Measured” speaks to our high quality craftsmanship and “true” is a standard defined only by you.

So, we listen. We listen well.

We collaborate
to stay true

“To do this house right, we needed support, skills and talent.”

How can we measure success
until we know your expectations?

  Until you tell us what makes a house a home?  How can we tell if every angle is true until we hear it from you?  True is a standard defined only by you.

A Team of
Attentive Partners

“We work with people who care deeply about their trades at some of the most meaningful projects in southeastern Pennsylvania.”

We ask you to listen as well.

 To our clients. Let them tell their stories and share their experiences. You can trust they’re true. They are our best advocates. Read about their projects and ask the questions you want answered. And when you’re finished, tell us if we are measured and true. We’re listening.

Why Rittenhouse
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