May 10, 2019

Christiana Cabinetry Unveils Newest Partnerships at Two-Day April Event in Atglen

The Metzler family announced a partnership with Gaggenau, an international manufacturer of appliances built by craftspersons for the requirements of a professional chef at home, and showcased a recently produced kitchen as an example custom hardware, as the product of a new relationship with a local fabricator.

The two-day event was attended by designers, clients, and architects, and featured a bit of theater, fine dining.



“Jerry Metzler and the team at Christiana Cabinetry consistently looked for ways to implement my design ideas, and I learned that the word no did not exist in their vocabulary”

Johnnson Montoya, an architect in Alys Beach Florida, visited Christiana Cabinetry where he presented new features incorporated into his custom cabinetry.  Johnnson’s design reflects the informal beach culture of a vacation home combined with Classic Architectural standards.

The design begins with an informal white stain over white oak on vertical surfaces and adds in a mix of Venetian Plaster from the walls of the house onto selected area surfaces that would typically be wood.

This timeless look of white oak is accessorized with custom fabricated brass hardware and a bespoke finish matched to laminated metal accent panels at the range hood and other key areas, this brings sophistication to this cheerful island home.

Johnnson unveiled the kitchen’s unique features to those in attendance, just before it would be loaded onto the delivery truck. Guests at the unveiling could also view the latest integrated in-cabinet lighting options and concealed electrical outlets via Lutron’s Trufig system.


Gaggenau Appliances can be purchased directly through Christiana Cabinetry by designers and contractors, which further ensures that appliances and cabinetry can be test fit at the factory before being shipped to the site. Of course, cabinetry and appliances can be delivered together on the same truck making them fully available during the cabinet installation.

Christiana Cabinetry and Gaggenau cultivated the vein of thoroughly integrated kitchen experience while introducing a partnership in which design professionals at Christiana Cabinetry can take full advantage of the capabilities of the appliances as well as the cabinetry.

Without a doubt, remarkable kitchens deserve remarkable food.  The excellent chefs from Gaggenau encouraged all participants to leave with intensive recognition of appliances designed by professional chefs.

The product launch was attended by designers and clients over the two-day event.   

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