Building Relationships

At Rittenhouse Builders we believe that among the most important things we build are relationships with clients. By providing services and recommendations that limit the surprises during a project, we can keep the process on task.

Whether it’s a home renovation that starts with the advice of an architect, or one using drawings created by Rittenhouse Builders, our Pre-Construction process is a set of predictable and consistent steps.


Project Review

To get your dream underway, here’s how we get started

  • A personal visit to your home
  • A thorough review and discussion
  • A presentation of options for your project
  • A discussion of the range of costs


Design Services

We’ll help secure the detailed drawings necessary to provide accurate estimates and to obtain permits.

Based on the requirements of your project, we may recommend a specific Architect or Rittenhouse Design Services for:

  • An onsite evaluation of the construction site and your home
  • An in-person review of the proposed project
  • Several 3d sketches to help you visualize your new project
  • A set of schematic drawings
  • A written scope of work
  • Cost planning during the design

Pre-Construction Services

This is how we go from drawing to construction as efficiently as possible.

  •  A Rittenhouse estimator and tradesman visit to evaluate the current plans in light of the existing conditions.
  • We begin Selection Planning for the specifics. We address everything the job will need. From plumbing fixtures, appliances, countertops, tile design to doors and windows and everything in between. We also select cabinetry features and hardware. This is where the true personality of your project takes shape. We want to be sure your vision is affordable within your budget. Early planning with cost in mind helps keep your project moving swiftly later.
  • We create a Cost Analysis of what it takes to build your project. There will be savings we uncover by addressing other available construction options through value engineering.
  • We create a Detailed Scope of Work (The Contract).

We have created this process to keep you informed throughout the project with predictable milestones and control over each financial obligation.

We like to believe we help clients build their dreams—with care, with precision, with artistry. And if you take some time to read through what our clients have said, you’ll see that what we also build are relationships. Those are differences worth talking about. Let’s continue the conversation.

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