East Marlborough Kitchen

Calm & Centered

One good reason to renovate is to bring the true possibilities of your home to life. An organized process by a committed team can minimize the impact of the overall disruption. Here we were able to raise the ceiling height, in a complete reconfiguration of the kitchen, while reworking the connection to other areas of the main floor. Abundant daylight now enters the room from new windows set at the countertop. The line between old and new is undetectable, by design.

“We just finished an extensive kitchen remodel that involved combining our old dining room and kitchen and opening the space up to the family room and den – a project that ultimately involved half our house. We could not be happier with the result and that we were lucky enough to have George and his team at Rittenhouse Builders do the project.”

Temperature Controlled

A wine refrigerator is built into this beautiful butler’s pantry.  Offer drinks and graciously invite your guests to convene a few steps away from the main prep area of the kitchen.

“George has a great sense of design and was able to take our concept to the next level and give us everything we wanted at a budget we could afford. The execution of the project was handled by Matt Weldon whose team of skilled craftsmen sweated every little detail to make sure everything was done right and on time. Material selection was expertly handled by Bonnie.”

“Everyone was professional and friendly (even handling our daily barrage of silly questions) and all clearly enjoyed what they do. The attitude of everyone made the entire process of living in the house throughout much less stressful than we could have imagined. Rittenhouse also provided us with software that made tracking schedule/budget (they nailed both) and processing change orders a breeze – all from your smartphone.”

Sliding Storage

Metal guides make for smooth access to organized cutlery.

“Our house is radically different and better than it was before. Friends we have known for years are amazed by the overall change but still get confused and keep asking “Was there a wall here before?” or “Were those reclaimed beams already there?” That such radical changes look like they have always been there and prompt questions like these is to me the hallmark of good design and craftsmanship. Without a doubt we will be going to Rittenhouse Builders for any future building needs.”