Lower Merion Kitchen

Uniquely Organized

Getting to know each family is one of the best parts of our time in their home. In the design process, we get to help imagine a place of organization for the way they hope to live. Throughout the build, we collaborate on each detail and select options together that will fit their vision. As the project nears completion, we see even more clearly how each area will accommodate a new routine and a new satisfaction.

Pizza is a Priority

The client’s personality comes out with this unique addition to their island: a pizza station at the front with a lowered counter for rolling dough. Extra space is even built in to store the board!

“We had an excellent experience with Rittenhouse Builders. They stayed on budget and on schedule. Each day the crew cleaned up before they left, they worked long, steady hours – never missing a day. We never had to wonder if they’d show up as we have experienced with other contractors. Communication was very good and clearly the crew took pride in their work and cared about doing a good job. They wanted us to be pleased and we were very pleased. I highly recommend Rittenhouse Builders.”
Chris and Jennifer

Chilled Ingredients

Refrigerator drawer panels keep cold items close.