October 03, 2017

Behind the Scenes - Villanova Residence

I love walking through a home where the current or former owner has just thrown in the towel, and given up. There is something refreshing in waving a white flag and saying, “This is so far beyond hope that I have no idea how this can be renovated to today’s tastes. Should we just knock it down?” My answer is usually nope, you paid for the foundation, the walls, and the structure. Let’s talk with the pros and see what we can do. 

Because we take our projects so far from where we began, we love documenting the process so that we can always recall the steps we took and look back and smile upon completion. Today we would like to share with you the process of how the Villanova Project developed, transitioned, and finally – how truly beautiful it turned out to be.

We will start our photo tour in the powder room before it was ever touched and a crammed master bedroom. It’s features included purple carpeting, minimal storage space, and a very outdated master bathroom. Hats off to Linda Phillips Design LLC for designing a luxurious master suite fit for a king. Talk about TRANSFORMATION!

Here is the view from the kitchen island – a large desk/appliance hub which completely blocked the view into the family room. This desk was built to hide a support column; however, it managed to take up much more space and so we installed a hidden steel beam in its place. The view into the family room is GORGEOUS now! Wait until you see the ceiling!

During construction we worked closely with Eric Leeson from Wallace Landscape Associates to integrate all phases of our construction project with his vision for the hardscaping and landscaping.

Inside, the stairs are a work in progress as they get stained.

Remember those stairs that were getting stained? The beautiful herringbone wood floors are the star of the show featured in the foyer and the upstairs.

Here is our site supervisor learning some design tips and adding some finishing touches after the upstairs is complete (don’t forget the beautiful floors making their appearance here as well).

We appreciate our clients and our designers so much! Especially when we get to call them friends after working with them!

Linda Phillips is incredible – check out below how her hand drawing became the reality of the project!

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