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As craftsmen, listeners and partners, we're always making comparisons. Which material works best for this installation? Which features accelerate our client’s initial vision? What haven’t we considered? Where have I seen an example that shows what I’m trying to explain?

For me personally, comparing the options and looking for innovation is a quest that redirects with each new challenge. Our News is a warehouse of this steady research, and my thoughts along the way.

-George Metzler

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+ Clean Water

Clean Water

The Rittenhouse Builders team is working at the Stroud Water Research Center in Avondale to help repair their Stable Isotope Laboratory as a gift in-kind.  We are honored to help support Stroud’s international mission for clean water headquartered here in Chester County, and we hope that this partnership inspires others to get involved for the cause.  Pictured below is the Stable Isotope Laboratory which will be getting a new roof, new windows, new exterior doors, new siding, and new exterior trim.

Stroud President, Bernard Sweeney (left), Rittenhouse Builders President, George Metzler (center), and Stroud Vice President, David Arscott (right) are pictured working out the details to begin commencement of the project.  To read about the project and to learn more about the Stroud Center, please click here.

Construction has begun!  Team Rittenhouse removing the shingles and the roof along with the exterior trim.  Stay posted for more updates to come!