Willistown Kitchen

Blue Dream

Custom Cabinetry By: Christiana Factory Studio

For a couple that enjoys cooking together, this room keeps them close enough for company, with counter space for their own tools and ingredients. A decidedly horizontal custom cabinetry layout creates a galley with room for moving about. Generous storage drawers in the base cabinetry keep supplies close at hand. All with satin brass hardware and fixtures.

There’s no shortage of work surfaces in this kitchen! But what good are the work surfaces if the ones using them are tripping over each other? Adding a small separate prep sink allows two people to more efficiently use the kitchen together.


“I tell my wife, probably every week, how much I love the kitchen and how everything is perfectly laid out. Everything is at my fingertips, organized to be within a step’s reach and just so much more room to make it all work. That’s not to say that the master bath and basement aren’t fantastic in their own right, but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Stop on by to say hello if you are in the area.”

A great transition creates a space that makes sense. Foregoing walls here, we created shelf niches with cabinetry. Now, moving into the kitchen from the entryway feels much more welcoming and seamless.