West Chester Basement

Inspired History

Architecture By: Richard Pierce

With a reclaimed vintage wine cellar door, the design for this storage and entertainment area had an immediate sense of old-world elegance. We expanded the theme to nearby rooms by adding hardwood floors and areas of exposed stone for comfortable and functional spaces.

“We dreamt of creating a magnificent basement. Some of the ideas were outlined in the blueprints while many ideas were outlined as a vision in our heads. George & Ryan managed to transform our concepts into a great reality. Rittenhouse was challenged by many of our unusual requests. Their willingness to be challenged by our imagination coupled with Ryan’s excellent management of the entire construction project resulted in a remarkable living space.”

“Rittenhouse Builders is a team of professionals that revolves around customer satisfaction. Our township inspector said that he wished there were more people working in the township like Ryan. The inspector appreciated Ryan’s attention to conforming to the township’s code requirements.”
Dan & Dottie