Malvern Kitchen

Bespoke Palette

Interior Design By: Linda Phillips Design

Custom Cabinetry By: Christiana Factory Studio

Our clients have allowed us to renovate nearly every corner of their home. When it came to the kitchen, they were ready to add a unique signature. One of their first selections, a La Cornue range in a premium color, meant the cabinetry color had to be equally perfect. 

A custom glaze created by Christiana Factory studio was developed for cabinetry surfaces, paired with a gorgeous maple counter at the island. Included in the design are traditional touches including marble counters, furniture style feet, integrated appliances and generous crown moldings. A beverage center is stocked and on standby. Plentiful storage allows intentional displays, with everything else organized out of view.

“Rittenhouse is always welcome in our house. We really enjoy all of you and from the bottom of my heart I appreciate the support and reassurance that you give Donna.”

Designer, Linda Phillips, adds hydrangea to complete her vision.