East Brandywine Home

An Architect's Touch

Architecture By: Mark Myers Architect

With a relationship with the owners of this home for many years, we believed wholeheartedly in its hidden potential. Knowing Mark’s skill and experience as an architect, we were captivated to see how he would unlock its true beauty. Working on this project was a privilege for us. The owners relied on us to share their vision. Special features included Marvin windows, geothermal heat, copper gutters, cedar siding, and a soaring curved dormer with a copper roof.

“This is long overdue. We want to thank you and everyone at Rittenhouse Builders for the work you have completed on our property. It has been a long process and we are very pleased with the results. We frequently get compliments on the house and garage which is nice. The compliments and the passage of time helps us forget how painful things became at times. I will admit, Rittenhouse Builders warned us not to try to live and run a business here during construction. In hindsight they may have been right, but we got through it. The whole experience has given me a better appreciation for what many of my clients have gone through on their renovation projects.”

“Michele and I appreciate the effort you put into finding ways to reduce the construction costs before construction started and updating us on costs as things went along.”

“Special thanks go out to Gary for the attention to the details during construction and for putting up with the general aggravation involved in a project such as this. It was a challenging project and he handled it well.”

“We feel we have a special place here to live, work and raise our family. Thanks for helping to create it.”

Mark and Michele