Chestnut Hill Residence

A Brand New Feeling

For a homeowner that wanted a low-risk construction relationship, we were able to address nearly every inch of the interior with very little drama. Naturally we discovered some surprises behind the walls but were able to discuss options and alternatives to minimize any discomfort. The project areas spanned from wall to wall with all new electrical, extensive plumbing, new drywall and flooring, to a new kitchen and four new bathrooms. The result is a home redone to their liking and they’re now lifelong advocates of our work.

“I have a working principle for issues that are important to our lives. That principle, as applied to my house and people/things in it, is they must only be exposed to low risk conditions or events. Therefore, I only hire contractors that I TRUST and can deliver superior QUALITY. Rittenhouse Builders (RB) epitomizes those qualities — trust and quality.”

“In the last year we remodeled nearly the entire interior of our house — all new electrical, extensive plumbing, new kitchen, four re-done bathrooms, flooring, drywall, etc. — whew!”

“I can say without reservation that the RB team delivered completely. Remodeling a house or moving a household is some of life’s most stressful events. RB made our re-modeling an absolute pleasure. They listened to our needs and desires, worked with us on solutions, and executed them perfectly. In all re-modeling, there are surprises hidden behind the drywall. In our case, RB laid out options on how to overcome these challenges, and great decisions were made.”

“We have lived in our house now for eight months, and my wife and I chuckle to ourselves how wonderful our “new” house is. For someone needing a builder/general contractor, please do yourself a favor and hire Rittenhouse Builders. If you don’t, you would be making a serious mistake.”