Why Rittenhouse?

The Decision, Part One

In all likelihood you’re in an exciting phase right now – planning, sketching, designing, dreaming.

But part of the planning phase is also the deciding phase: Who will guide us from where we are now? Who has the experience, the know-how, the competence, and the communication skills? In whose hands will we place our trust, our dreams?

The Decision, Part Two

It’s not an easy decision, mainly because it’s not one most people face more than once or twice over many years.

You’ll have to sift through claims and try to determine which seem relevant to your plans.

For instance, we will tell you about a three-decade history of uncompromising quality, craftsmanship, and a relentless focus on details. We’ll tell you about a culture of listening, and hearing, and collaborating with our clients.

The difference is for us those are not just claims. They’re established facts.

And not because we say they’re facts — because our clients do.

The Decision, Part Three

So, how will you make sense of it all? What is it that makes one different; the company that earns your trust and stands out as a group you know you can work with?

Here are a few of the reasons we hope you’ll agree that our next steps together should take us from saying hello online to saying hello in person.

Craftsmanship, skill, competence, and artisanship are givens to us. They are unspoken because they are ingrained. For more than 30 years we’ve never imagined accepting anything less.

Beyond those qualities a major difference lies in our communications skills. How we keep our clients informed, involved, on the same page, and one step ahead of the process the whole way through.

And most importantly, how we listen, ­and respond to what we hear.

Finally, the difference with Rittenhouse Builders is the sheer number and variety of client recommendations we have.

We participate in a process called Guild Quality Reviews. Guild Quality is a public online forum where clients provide feedback and comments on their experiences with a builder. Member builders in turn use the feedback to measure their performance and continuously refine and upgrade their relationships with clients.

And then there are customer testimonials. While most everyone can produce a handful, we can offer dozens – a whole library of recommendations ranging from the present day and going back years, through projects of all sizes and kinds.

We like to believe we help clients build their dreams—with care, with precision, with artistry. And if you take some time to read through what our clients have said, you’ll see that what we also build are relationships.

Those are differences worth talking about. Let’s continue the conversation.