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Why Move When Remodeling Your Home Is The Way To Go?

You are deeply attached to your home and you love your neighborhood. The only thing that has changed is the need for more space or a desire for an upgraded look. This is when you turn to a professional contactor and not a realtor. Although remodeling may seem like a lot of time and work, it is much easier and can be much less expensive than moving an entire household.

Besides, consider the reasons you bought your home in the first place—good schools, easy commute to work, convenient shopping and services, and the ability to see your investment grow in value. If you are still unsure, here are some other key points on why remodeling is the better choice.

Rapidly Accelerating New Home Prices

If home prices are soaring in your area, it may cost you much less to put on an addition than to purchase a new home. Also, you avoid the high costs of buying a new home that may have a higher mortgage, taxes, and insurances. You also avoid the high costs with selling your house, which include closing costs, realtor commissions, and moving expenses.

Transforming Space

As mentioned above, you may love your neighborhood, but cannot find a nearby house that is affordable. Maybe it’s time to transform the space your in. Consider refurbishing rooms that need a drastic update such as replacing worn out floors, resurfacing countertops, knocking down walls for bigger areas, and updating wall coverings and cabinetry.

Also, think about reusing the space you’ve got. Never use your unfinished basement, but need a home office and a guest bedroom? Rather than buy, recreate the space to make it work for your needs.

Maybe adding rooms is the way to go. Want to brighten up your kitchen and add more dining space? Consider the addition of a garden room where you can have natural light and a new space to dine. Want more privacy, comfort, and convenience? Then add that new luxurious master bathroom, dressing area, and closet space you’ve always dreamed of.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Remodeling may also increase the value of your home. Take into consideration what are important features and amenities found in a new home such as high ceilings in family rooms and modern kitchens and bathrooms. Experts agree that these type of remodeling projects will most likely allow you to recoup your investments because homebuyers expect to spend a great deal of time in these areas of the house.

Financing Options

Because of today’s climbing home prices and low interest rates, homeowners have a greater opportunity to borrow against their equity. Lenders are also offering more and better options than ever before to help you with your financing needs.

About Rittenhouse Builders

Rittenhouse Builders specialize in high-end, complex home renovation and remodeling projects. Our experience delivering beyond our customers expectations include bathrooms, large kitchen renovations, multi-level additions complete with master suites, and all manner of residential construction including even custom home construction.

We work closely with our customers to evaluate your living space and make
recommendations on either maximizing your existing living space or increasing it all
together through additions. Our goal is to help you add value, comfort, and functionality to your home.

Rittenhouse Builders is committed to three overriding values: treating our employees and our customers with respect, providing the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and always being honest with our customers. This commitment is still alive today and as our reputation grows, we believe that this commitment is the cornerstone of what makes Rittenhouse Builders special.

Rittenhouse Builders continues to work hard to do our absolute best and nothing less. With these values and a strong work ethic, Rittenhouse Builders has been serving the region for over 10 years. I invite you to build on our reputation.

For more information on Rittenhouse Builders, please visit our website at or call us at 610-593-7176.