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Rittenhouse Project Planning and Design Services

I’m fortunate in that I get to talk to a lot of people who are enthusiastic about remodeling their homes to create new living spaces. It is a privilege to be asked to share in the dreams of homeowners who have a vision for what their home could be after many years of living in it as it is. While it is fun to dream with people, it is even more rewarding to watch these dreams turn into reality. I’m even more fortunate to have been a part of over 250 families who have renovated their homes with Rittenhouse Builders.

There are many paths that our clients take on the way to renovating their homes. Most of the time we are presented with a full set of architectural drawings from which we build our contract and then work with the owner and architect to realize their vision for the project.

Sometimes clients call me earlier in their thought process with the following questions. Do I need an architect? How much will my project cost? Is my project even feasible? Will the Township allow me to build what I desire?

For many years my answer was, bring me a full set of architectural drawings and I will answer your questions. In recent years however we have developed a full set of planning strategies for our clients in the earliest stages of remodeling. These services are fee based, but at a lower price point then developing a full set of architectural plans.

One of our planning strategies is called Design Services. Using this service we translate your living space wants into a preliminary building plan that you can use to understand what your new living space would look and feel like. The initial plans that we create for you will show the interior layout and the exterior look of your new home. We are not creating and more importantly you are not paying for a complete set of building plans at this point. Click here to continue reading on our website.

After these preliminary plans have been created we build a precise estimate for you based on our knowledge of what the finished plans will cost to build. Our clients appreciate the freedom that owning their own designs affords them. Because you control the design process you can start or stop at anytime and proceed as quickly or as slowly as you desire.

As the project becomes feasible from a price and zoning standpoint you may now elect to move ahead with creating a full set of building plans with Rittenhouse Design Services or with an independent architect, whichever way you choose you will be armed with a full set of data on costs and knowledge of how the process should work.

View some of our recent design plans, with before property photos, You will notice that we can help with a project as small as showing how a new front porch would enhance your home all the way up to showing how a substantial addition would look on a 200 year old stone farm house.