East Bradford Pool

Specialty Spaces
Architecture by:

Instead of letting the land contours of the lot become a problem, we turned them into a solution. Overcoming challenges with footings and foundation work, we created a pool-house space that keeps equipment out of the elements while saving valuable space.

Owner involvement and collaboration is a theme that continues here. Deck material was a matter of great interest to the owners and their research and legwork brought us to the final decision on which material to use.

“ ...they remained patient with me during those frequent phone calls that began, George (Metzler), I was thinking… ”

"From start to finish, it was a pleasure dealing with the people at Rittenhouse Builders.  Members of the firm, as well as all their subcontractors, were courteous and friendly.  They were particularly patient and engaging with our four-year old son, who took any opportunity to get involved with the project.

When events took an unexpected turn, as they almost always will in a project of any size, Rittenhouse was highly responsive.  In our particular case, that unexpected turn entailed a significant alteration to the proposed floor plan of an attic expansion.  Rittenhouse quickly developed a couple alternative designs at different price structures, without pushing a particular solution.

When time allows, I enjoy doing work on my house personally.  Such work has entailed projects both large and small.  As a result, I have developed an appreciation for and expectation of quality work.  Rittenhouse never disappointed, and they remained patient with me during those frequent phone calls that began, “George (Metzler), I was thinking…”  While I thought I may have heard his teeth grind from time to time on the phone, all I actually heard was a well thought-out response.

Perhaps the most telling testimonials are two-fold: first, neighbors comment that they have never seen, nor could they conceive, and attic expansion that turned out as nicely as ours did, and second, Rittenhouse is about to begin our next project."