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As craftsmen, listeners and partners, we're always making comparisons. Which material works best for this installation? Which features accelerate our client’s initial vision? What haven’t we considered? Where have I seen an example that shows what I’m trying to explain?

For me personally, comparing the options and looking for innovation is a quest that redirects with each new challenge. Our News is a warehouse of this steady research, and my thoughts along the way.

-George Metzler

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+ Top 4 Fireplaces

+ Update on the Clean Water Project

+ Compare & Contrast

+ Behind the Scenes – Villanova Residence

Top 4 Fireplaces

There is a special comfort that fireplaces bring.  They inspire warmth and life into chilly conditions and warm the soul on dreary days.  Here at Rittenhouse Builders, we understand that both the restoration and construction of fireplaces is crucial to the warmth of the home.  Whether the finish is modern and sophisticated or restored to eighteenth century roots, we think you will agree with us that the beauty shines through.

Please check out our Ideabook on our Houzz page of our top 4 fireplaces.  You will see different style ideas along with one of our favorite outdoor fireplaces.  Please click here to take a look.  Don’t forget to follow us to catch some more style ideas from our projects!

Update on the Clean Water Project

You may recall the Stable Isotope Laboratory from the Stroud Water Research Center. Next to Stroud’s newly built research center it looked…well…see for yourself…

If you haven’t read our post about the renovations that we have been helping out with at the Stroud Center, please click here.

We are also thrilled to announce that the project is now FINISHED!  The building pictured above has been completely transformed and is now a more aesthetically pleasing environment for science to be done.  We were able to replace the siding, roof, windows, and doors so the building can last for many more years to come.  If you would like more information about how you can help preserve clean water, please click here.

Therefore, with no further ado, we present to you the all new Isotope Laboratory at the Stroud Water Research Center:

A HUGE thank you to the Stroud Center for all of the research they do for the preservation of clean water!


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